Little Picky eaters in the family??? 0

Little Picky eaters in the family??? I know how it feels! My son was such a fussy eater when he was a toddler. He was rejecting everything and never wanted to try anything new!


“Do kids really need toys? They can play on an ipad..” 0

Working in a toy shop can be very interesting as you meet different people from all walks of life. Occasionally we meet parents who are convinced that their kids do not need toys as they have electronic devices.

Kid without toys



HABA Shakin' Eggs Featured in Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine 0

With Easter coming up, we're thrilled to share that our best-selling Shakin' Eggs is featured in the April 2017 issue of Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine in USA, appearing right on the inside cover!


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‘Our child has a problem with losing.’ 0

'Our child has a problem with losing"....

That is probably one of the greatest grievances that we hear most from our parent customers – and for good reason too. Electronic games these days leave practically no room for kids to lose: if they don’t like the way a game is progressing, all they have to do is press the Restart button – and no one will be any wiser. T

Heroes of Kaskaria Named a Best Family Board Game of 2017 0

Exciting News from America! The editors of Parents Magazine and Family Fun Magazine are already hard at work testing toys and games with their diverse pool of toy testers. It's only February but, we're very excited to share that Heroes of Kaskaria has already been named a top Family Board Game of 2017!