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We are currently moving to 62 Lunn Ave, Mt Wellington.
We are currently moving to 62 Lunn Ave, Mt Wellington.
How children learn while playing with HABA wooden toys

How children learn while playing with HABA wooden toys

When will the tower of colorful building blocks fall over? Which puzzle pieces fit together to make a fun animal picture? And how can you put the ball track pieces together so that the balls roll as quickly as possible down the tracks? With HABA wooden toys, children learn about the world on a small scale during play. After all, playing and building also involves discovery and learning. Plus it’s a lot of fun.


Giving HABA wooden toys means “Giving Learning”

Toys made of wood are robust and stable, lightweight and easy to grasp. The natural material brings a piece of nature into children’s rooms and can also be explored with the hands and mouth without anyone needing to worry. This is why they are one of the most popular gifts from parents, friends and relatives. By giving HABA wooden toys you also give a foundation for lots of creative play ideas, exciting discoveries and important developmental steps. Something that’s even more special about HABA wooden toys is that most of them are made in the in-house HABA toy manufacturing facility at the company headquarters in Bad Rodach – by employees who have years of experience, are passionate about their work and have a loving attention to detail. After all, creating something with their own hands makes adults just as proud as it does children.


Why is it important that children play with wooden toys?

Children literally learn when they grasp something. As early as their first few months of life. Even before they can walk, talk or consciously understand, they explore their world bit by bit and learn a little with every haptic experience. Natural, child-appropriate materials such as wood and water-based paints are non-hazardous for children's hands and mouths, and make it possible for them to explore with all their senses. When placing, sorting, stacking or pegging wooden elements, children train their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, perseverance and patience during play, without even realizing it. Lots of great reasons for age-appropriate wooden toys. Another one is that they can support development of babies’ eyesight as early as the first year of life. Clutching toys, for example, are perfect for encouraging baby’s exploration and stimulating their visual perception. As their ability to see increasingly develops, small children begin to perceive things in space and to point to them. Everything that’s colorful attracts the attention of the littlest ones, encouraging them to crawl or move toward something that interests them but is just out of reach.

Which wooden toys are suitable for which age?

The large HABA wooden toys range has something for every age group.


Wooden toys for babies from 6 months

Grasping, touching, holding, shaking … wooden clutching toys are some of the toys for babies that the littlest ones are most fascinated by in their first months. Whether at home, on a walk in the stroller or on the way to a family vacation – clutching toys with various shapes and colors ensure plenty of variety and fun, while also playfully training children’s hand muscles.

Browse our collection of HABA wooden toys for babies


Wooden toys for toddlers from 1 year

They can sit, stand and often already take their first few steps. Now it’s time for fine motor skills. At one year of age, children make their first attempts at wooden puzzles and clutching puzzle. They learn to put the large, easy to grasp pieces in a puzzle board or puzzle frame, and sort their first shapes and colors. This not only develops haptic perception, it also encourages cognitive development. As motor skills become more developed, they also become interested in their first pegging games, stacking games and sorting games. This is the entry point into building with building blocks made of wood and other materials as well as the foundation for many years of playing fun. Building blocks offer children endless creative options and also develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and an understanding of more complex constructions in play. With HABA building blocks made of high-quality wood, children can playfully build skills and develop many valuable capabilities.

Browse our collection of HABA wooden toys for toddlers


Wooden toys for children from 2 years

Children develop their fine motor skills every day, and are always looking for new challenges. Threading games and magnetic games require patience, perseverance and dexterity. With arranging games, children can let their imagination and creativity run wild as well as train the recognition and assignment of shapes and colors in play while arranging and stacking the colorful tiles. By playing with others, children also increasingly develop social and emotional skills. My Very First Games with large, easy to grip wooden pieces, playfully introduce children to playing by the rules. And for the ball track builders of the future, the Kullerbü play system is the perfect introduction to the exciting world of ball tracks.

Browse our collection of HABA wooden toys for children from 2 years


Wooden toys for children from 3 years

Who and I and who are you? From the age of 3, children are increasingly conscious of their surroundings. Role plays are increasingly important. A classic, which has accompanied many generations of children as they grow, is the playstore. Whether fruit or vegetables, bread, rolls or sweets made of wood – many of the sweet and salty treats that are found in real shops can also be found in the large HABA playstore range. A cool side effect is the shopping role play that playfully encourages children’s language skills. More complex arranging games, threading games and Tack Zap games encourage the intellectual and motor skills of children in an age-appropriate way as well as encouraging creativity, concentration and dexterity.

Browse our collection of HABA wooden toys for children from 3 years


Wooden toys for children between 4 and 7 years

As children grow they continue looking for new challenges in play – and find them in exciting toys such as the HABA ball tracks. These continually offer children new, varied play stimuli, can be played with alone or with others, and offer a cool backdrop for creative role playing. In addition to this, building ball tracks also develops the ability to plan freely and three-dimensionally as well as making children familiar with the basic laws of physics in play.

Browse our collection of HABA wooden toys for children between 4 and 7 years

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