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We are currently moving to 62 Lunn Ave, Mt Wellington.
We are currently moving to 62 Lunn Ave, Mt Wellington.

Little Picky eaters in the family???

Little Picky eaters in the family??? I know how it feels! My son was such a fussy eater when he was a toddler. He was rejecting everything and never wanted to try anything new! All feeding times were real nightmares and struggles. I was really stressing out a lot as I wanted him to eat healthy food and get all the nutrition. One day I bought a wooden playfood sushi set and we started feeding all our teddies. We had so much fun. Next day we went to a shopping mall and he noticed a sushi place. He got excited choosing sushi himself and hurray he ate 3 sushi!!!!! I was so excited, like I won a million!!! The next step was getting playfood fruit and vegetables and we learned the names and of course we tried real samples. Initially he thought some things tasted funny but later he was curious to try more! Playing with vegetables we learned not only the names but we also learned colours, used them for counting. Pizza was great to learn about fractions later. If you have a fussy eater buy good quality play food and have fun. And one day you should get a breakthrough. Our playfood comes from quality brands. All our suppliers check their products and all paints or stains are non toxic and water based.


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