About Us


My name is Liza Shieff, and I am the Owner of the bebabo toy store. I came to New Zealand for a business course in 2002 from Siberia and fell in love with the country, so when I received a job offer, I decided to stay here.  

When I was a little girl, my dad travelled to  Berlin for his work and bought beautiful toys for my sister and me. I was lucky to grow up with good quality toys around me. In 2006 I had my second child, and I struggled to find good quality toys in New Zealand which were simple and had an educational value. I started searching and came across Haba toys. I had $2,000 saved in my bank account, and I decided to invest this money in toys. It was such a pleasure to receive our first shipment from Germany. The toys exceeded all my expectations, they were beautifully crafted, and they were designed to develop various skills. So the toy journey had started! Our son was just 3 months when the idea to start my business came to my mind. 

When we started our business, our garage turned into a warehouse and my son was lucky to help himself when he was bored with any toy when I was busy doing something else around the house.  He had a good eye and taste as later I was finding torn boxes of the most expensive toys which we had in limited numbers. Our daughter enjoyed sneaking to the garage too and finding Haba games so she could play with her friends.

While our kids were little, I tried to have simple toys without sounds and silly noises, more traditional and old-fashioned wooden toys. I wanted them to explore and work out things around them. We had lots of trips to parks and reserves to explore nature. We still enjoy spending time together playing a good family game in the evenings.  The result has been extremely pleasing as at the end of 2016 our daughter was awarded DUX at her school where the competition among students was very high as there were so many talented students in her year.