We will try as hard as possible to give you the correct levels of stock. At times, you may encounter the following situation with our online store:

— A product that you have selected to buy is listed as being in stock, however, because we are also a physical store as well as an online shop, the shopper in our physical store could be buying the product at the same time as you. So there is a possibility that you might try to buy a product from our online store that is no longer available. If this happens we will happily apologise and refund you the full amount.
— Some toys cannot be put on hold as we have a limited number of items. You are welcome to lay-by the item. The product shall be yours once a deposit or full payment has been made. Please call the store for details.

Prices of goods and services and delivery and other charges displayed on the bebabo site are current at the time of display. These prices are subject to variation without notice. We will always try to be as accurate as possible with our product descriptions and pricing, however, we are unable to warrant that product descriptions or other content of the web site is accurate, complete, reliable, current or error free.