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Auckland Store is Open

How children learn while playing with HABA wooden toys

When will the tower of colorful building blocks fall over? Which puzzle pieces fit together to make a fun animal picture? And how can you put the ball track pieces together so that the balls roll as quickly as possible down the tracks? With HABA wooden toys, children learn about the world on a small scale during play. After all, playing and building also involves discovery and learning. Plus it’s a lot of fun. 

Giving HABA wooden toys means “Giving Learning”


Toys made of wood are robust and stable, lightweight and easy to grasp. The natural material brings a piece of nature into children’s rooms and can also be explored with the hands and mouth without anyone needing to worry. This is why they are one of the most popular gifts from parents, friends and relatives. By giving HABA wooden toys you also give a foundation for lots of creative play ideas, exciting discoveries and important developmental steps. Something that’s even more special about HABA wooden toys is that most of them are made in the in-house HABA toy manufacturing facility at the company headquarters in Bad Rodach – by employees who have years of experience, are passionate about their work and have a loving attention to detail. After all, creating something with their own hands makes adults just as proud as it does children. We are all #stolzaufholz.