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Both stores are open - Free gift wrapping available

Crokitoo Bioviva Board Game

by Bioviva
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Crokitoo is a board game that combines the speed to memory skills. It's perfect for gourmets! Children learn to know the different eating habits of the animals while have a lot of fun! 
Goal of the game
A donkey, a worm, a pig, a rabbit, a monkey and a child are sitting at the table. The menu is delicious .. but who eats what? Throw the dice, comes out the image of a monkey.. you have quickly to grab the banana! But if it comes out the donkey, who will be the first player to collect the carrot or apple?
Crokitoo is a lively, fun and instructive game to be played over and over again!
A dynamic game full of fun!
Fun introduction to the dietary habits of the most popular animals.
1 wooden apple
1 wooden egg
1 wooden carrot
1 wooden banana
2 wooden jackdaws
30 round chips
1 wooden nut
6 stickers
1 reminder card
1 set of game rules
Dimensions: 245x245x50 mm
Age 4+
Nr. 2-6 players
Duration: 15 min.

The Bioviva games are completely recycled and recyclable and printed with non-toxic vegetable inks. All made in France or Canada.