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Haba 5220 Marble Run Catapult Set

by Haba
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This marble run catapult from Haba is just so much fun. Roll a marble down the ramp and it releases the catapult which fires a marble upwards into the funnel and down the next ramp so the marble can continue it's journey. Ingenious design which adds bags of fun to your marble run.  It requires trial and error and a bit of patience to get the catapult set up correctly so it lands in the funnel, great for teaching children a few new skills and great fun at the same time. Experiment with different angles and set ups, lots of fun for all the family.

Total contents; 1 catapult, 1 funnel, 2 ramps, 4 square blocks, 2 rectangular blocks, 6 building block clamps, 6 marbles.

Recommended for ages 3-10, but we think adults will secretly enjoy play with it too.