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Haba 302701 Lumina - Search for Lightning Bugs

by Haba
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SKU HABA302701

Lumina is a 2 to 4 player push your luck style game, that lasts about 15 minutes. Players will have facedown location cards they can turn over. They will have to use these cards to strategically move around the island. Players are trying to catch five of the rare lightning bugs, by using the location cards to move onto those spaces. If a player moves onto a location space that has a lightning bug, they catch it. The first player to catch five is the best adventurer, and wins the game. But be careful, if you turn over a location tile that you cannot move to, your turn will end. There are also advanced rules included, to give a greater challenge to more experienced adventurers.

1 game board, 4 adventurer pieces, 15 location cards, 16 lightning bugtiles, 1 set of game instructions.