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Both stores are open - Free gift wrapping available

Haba 303647 Unicorn Glitterluck Sparkling Bingo

by Haba
Sold out
SKU HABA303647

Unicorn Glitterluck and her friends are playing Sparkling Bingo today. Who will join them, and see whether the pictures on the tiles turned over can also be found on their own bingo board? Here's a funny beetle, and a little hedgehog! You can place a cloud crystal on your board every time a picture matches. The first to have four crystals in a row wins.

  • includes 45 beautiful cloud crystals
  • simple rules to let you start playing quickly
  • new game from the well-known top-seller range
4 bingo boards, 24 tiles, 45 cloud crystals, 1 set of instructions.
• Shuffle the tiles and lay them face-down.
• Each player takes a Bingo board. Keep the cloud crystals handy.
• Take turns to turn over a tile.
• Everyone who has the picture on their Bingo board can put a cloud crystal on it.
• The first player to have four cloud crystals in a row (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) on their Bingo board wins the game.