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Sylvanian Families 5381 Baby Shopping Series (NET)

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Sylvanian Families Baby Shopping Series - one mystery pack 5382 Chocolate Rabbit Baby with Bread, Deer Baby with Shopping Trolley A, Panda Baby with Popcorn, Koala Baby with Shopping Bag, Polar Bear Baby with Ice Cream, Milk Rabbit Baby with Eggs and Juice, Tuxedo Cat Baby with Shopping Trolley B, Silk Cat Baby with Cash Register, Secret (a total of 2-4 pieces) • Each set in the Baby Shopping Series contains a baby figure and a shopping accessory packaged in a blind bag. • Each contains one baby figure. • There are nine characters, one of which is a secret one. • Stimulates imaginative role-playing by children • Suitable for ages three years and above One supplied at random.  We can't tell which one you will get Each blind bag contains one baby figure and one miniature instrument.Contents cannot be specified and there are 8 different figures with instruments to collect.Sylvanian Families Baby Shopping Series - one mystery pack 5382